Stake Plinko - How to Play

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Plinko is an exciting casino game that is based on a popular show called «The Price Is Right». In the game, players drop a ball into a pegged board and watch as the ball bounces and falls into different slots at the bottom of the board, each with a different denomination of Plinko odds.

Stake Plinko - How to Play​ The game is available at many online casinos and can be played for real money or for free. Here’s how the game works:

  • Choose your bet

    Players choose the amount they want to bet before each round.

  • Drop the ball

    Then they drop the ball into the pegged board, which directs the ball towards different slots.

  • Collect your winnings

    Depending on where the ball lands, players can win or lose different amounts of money. Some slots have higher rewards than other slots, while others can reduce your bankroll or leave you with your own.

To give you an idea of what the game looks like, here’s a breakdown of the BGAMING Plinko board (with 8 lines of pegs and the Minimum Risk Level):


Bet, $

Profit, $

X 0.5



X 1.0



X 1.1



X 2.1



X 5.6



As you can see, the higher the payout, the less likely it is that the ball will land in that slot. This adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game, making it both fun and potentially lucrative.

Thus, if you’re looking for a thrilling and unique casino game to try, Plinko is definitely worth checking out.

Risk levels in Plinko

Risk levels in Plinko Plinko is an online casino game with a high RTP rate that is both exciting and risky. Players can experience the thrill of the game while potentially earning big payouts. However, it is important to understand the risk levels associated with this game. In Plinko, you can manage your risks by switching their levels.

As a rule, all known variants of Plinko have 3 levels of risk:

  1. Low-Risk Level

    Plinko slots with low payouts and high probabilities fall under the low-risk category. While the payouts may not be as high as other slots, the chances of landing on these slots are relatively high, making them a safer bet.

  2. Medium-Risk Level

    These slots offer a higher payout than low-risk slots, but with a slightly lower probability of landing on them.

  3. High-Risk Level

    These slots offer the potential for the highest payouts but with the lowest probability of landing on them. While these slots may be tempting, they are the riskiest and should be approached with caution. For example, hitting a Stake Plinko 1000x odds slot will allow you to win $100,000, but the probability of hitting this slot is 0.0000152587890625.

It’s important to note that the level of risk is relative to each player’s individual preferences and bankroll. What may be a low-risk bet for one player may be a high-risk bet for another. It’s always recommended to check the payout table and probability of each slot and choose bets that align with your personal risk tolerance.

In summary, Plinko offers a range of risk levels to suit different players, from low-risk bets with lower payouts to high-risk bets with the potential for big rewards. It’s up to the player to find the right balance between risk and reward that works for them.

Number of lines in Plinko

Number of lines in Plinko The number of lines with pegs in a Plinko game can vary, ranging from just a few lines to dozens or even more. It can affect the potential outcomes of the game in several ways:

  • Probability of Landing on High-Paying Slots

    With more lines with pegs, the probability of landing on high-paying slots may decrease, as there are more options for the ball to land in lower-paying or even unprofitable areas.

  • Potential Payouts

    This indicator can vary based on the number of lines with pegs. Games with more lines may offer higher potential payouts, as there are more possible outcomes. So, for example, a 1000x Plinko slot can bring a win of $100,000.

  • Betting Options

    Some Plinko games may offer different betting options based on the number of lines with pegs. Players may adjust their bet amount based on the number of these lines.

Below we will give an example of how slots with odds change in the BGAMING Plinko game at the Medium-Risk Level, depending on the choice of a line with pegs.

Number of lines with pegs

Slots with losing odds

Slots with winning odds


x0.4, x0.7(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x13(2 times)


x0.5(2 times), x0.9(2 times)

x1.7(2 times), x4(2 times), x18(2 times)


x0.4, x0.6(2 times)

x1.4(2 times), x2(2 times), x5(2 times), x22(2 times)


x0.5(2 times), x0.7(2 times)

x1.8(2 times), x3(2 times), x6(2 times), x24(2 times)


x0.3, x0.6(2 times)

x1.1(2 times), x2(2 times), x4(2 times), x11(2 times), x33(2 times)


x0.4(2 times), x0.7(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x6(2 times), x13(2 times), x43(2 times)


x0.2, x0.5(2 times)

x1(2 times), x1.9(2 times), x4(2 times), x7(2 times), x15(2 times), x58(2 times)


x0.3(2 times), x0.5(2 times)

x1.3(2 times), x3(2 times), x5(2 times), x11(2 times), x18(2 times), x88(2 times)


x0.3, x0.5(2 times)

x1(2 times), x1.5(2 times), x3(2 times), x5(2 times), x10(2 times), x41(2 times), x110(2 times)

Thus, the number of lines with pegs in a Plinko online casino game can impact the outcomes, potential payouts, and betting options of the game. It’s recommended to review the specific rules and gameplay mechanics of each Plinko game before playing to fully understand how the number of lines with pegs may impact the game.

What strategy is the best?

What strategy is the best When it comes to the Plinko bet game, players often look for tips and tricks that can help them beat the game. Here are a few strategies that some players may use to increase their chances of winning:

  1. Adjust your risk level

    If you are a beginner, it’s recommended to begin with the minimum-risk level and the smallest number of lines with pegs. This is not the most profitable strategy, but it allows you to slowly but surely move towards winnings.

  2. Gradually increase your bet amount

    Once you feel ready, you can start betting more boldly, which will allow you to significantly increase the amount of potential winnings. However, here you need to be careful not to exceed the budget allotted for the game.

  3. Implement a Progressive Betting System

    Using a progressive betting system involves increasing your bet amount after each win and decreasing it after each loss. This method works great in the short term, for example, in a series of 10 bets. In the long run, the advantage will still be with the casino, so this strategy can only help you maximize your winnings with minimal losses over a short period of time.

And finally, the most important strategy is to play responsibly and for fun. Since, ultimately, Plinko is a game of chance, and there is no guaranteed or best strategy for winning. Playing for fun and enjoyment, rather than solely for the purpose of winning, can make the game more pleasant and less stressful.

FAQ about Plinko game strategies

To win in Plinko, you will need several factors:

  • Your skill;
  • Sufficient amount of free time;
  • A certain amount of money that you are willing to risk;
  • Your luck.

And certainly, an important factor is a reliable casino that you trust.

It depends on the casino and the Plinko variant you are using. For example, in Plinko from BGAMING with the maximum number of lines with pegs and a high level of risk, the maximum win will be x1,000, which at a bet of $100 will give you $100,000.

The choice depends only on the player. Picking more pegged lines comes with higher odds slots, however, the risk of hitting a losing slot is also increased. Therefore, the player decides whether to choose an increased number of lines, and if so, at what stage of the game.

There are a huge number of Plinko options to choose from. All of them have approximately the same game mechanics and similar design. The most popular are Plinko games by such developers as Spribe, BGAMING, and Turbo Gaming. However, which one to choose the player decides on their own.